Sunday, 23 October 2011

Time to sew

It's time to sew. I've got a pile of fabric that needs to be sewn. I've started tackling that pile by making some reusable shopping bags. I have various shopping bags from various grocery stores and though they are functional, they are not very pretty. So I used one of them as pattern and this is what I came up with.

I used bias tape around the edges for some colour. I'm thinking of making some with piping around the edges also (ahem, pardon the loose threads. yeah, yeah whatever).
Another bag I made was out of an Ikea pillow cover. The cover was not matching my current decor anywhere in the house but I liked the pattern enough to place it in my ever growing "keep" pile - yes, it's the hoarder in me that can't always let go of stuff.

The way I've sewn the zipper was inspired by this dress from etsy:

Ah, yes, it's always great to say you've completed something on your days off. Planning on making more and will share hopefully soon...

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