Wednesday, 28 September 2011

the GREEN door

Over the summer we painted the exterior of our house. It was long overdue. A fresh coat of paint truly does make a difference. I am totally pleased with the results. What hadn't been painted up until yesterday was the front door. I love a door colour that contrasts with the rest of the house, it just looks better. The colour of the house is yellow (gone is the blah cream box). After much thought, I decided to paint the door green. I visualized using a bright apple green but ended up with something slightly darker. The shade is called Calypso Green by CIL. I really love the results.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fall is upon us

Almost the end of September already. This month has really flown by quickly. The last couple of days have been quite lovely in terms of weather. I love it when you go outside and it feels like your inside. Oh so comfy. I wish the weather was like that all the time. Going in and out of the house without any change in body temperature whatsoever. Does a place like that even exist? If so, someone out there please tell me where cause I wanna be there! I love the fall because I love seeing the leaves change in colour. It's such a cozy season. But i do dread the winter, so gray and cold. Hopefully we'll have a mild one. NO SNOW please!!!
I am so excited for the Design*Sponge book tour that's coming to Vancouver next week!!! And I can't wait to step into an Anthropologie store. For years, I've received their catalogues and now I'm finally going to see their products in person. It's gonna be a great day!!!

Monday, 19 September 2011

catching up

well, i'm back...AGAIN!!! i've decided to take this blogging a bit more seriously and try and update more regularly (promises, promises!). my cousins were over yesterday for our first ever scrapbook club meeting and they were really encouraging me to start a blog because i have too much stuff (finished and unfinished projects) that i should be sharing with the world wide web. whenever i am on the computer, that's all i do, check out, or rather drool, over other people's blogs. hmmm, wouldn't it be something for people to be drooling over mine? maybe not drooling in the the literal sense but you know what i mean. i guess a better word would be "inspired" by my blog. i think it would be nice. anyways, the scrapbook club was lovely and all 3 of us enjoyed ourselves. i have a ton of supplies, too much for one person to work with and so i invited them to help reduce my piles. i think it was quite overwhelming because there was just a lot to choose from. i don't have that much stuff but it was more than they expected? i don't have a separate craft room so all this stuff i've accumulated is in random places around my place. so hopefully we'll have monthly club meeting. i love being creative and i love it even more when others love being CREATIVE with me.

kids notes: jazzy finally learned how to ride her bike on the last day of summer vacation (labour day).YAY!!! after so much practice, she finally did it we're all so proud of her. and she's so proud of herself, you can totally see it when she's cruising around the driveway.
dare also finally learned to tie his shoelaces. after years of using velcro shoes, it was time to tie laces. and guess who assisted in teaching him...jazzy!
deon is still my little busy body chattering away constantly and that is no exaggeration.
ling is also busy still doing her hair. i'm so glad she finally figured out how to manage her curls and she's really good at it too. ahhh, i remember high school and how hair was everything.