Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fall is upon us

Almost the end of September already. This month has really flown by quickly. The last couple of days have been quite lovely in terms of weather. I love it when you go outside and it feels like your inside. Oh so comfy. I wish the weather was like that all the time. Going in and out of the house without any change in body temperature whatsoever. Does a place like that even exist? If so, someone out there please tell me where cause I wanna be there! I love the fall because I love seeing the leaves change in colour. It's such a cozy season. But i do dread the winter, so gray and cold. Hopefully we'll have a mild one. NO SNOW please!!!
I am so excited for the Design*Sponge book tour that's coming to Vancouver next week!!! And I can't wait to step into an Anthropologie store. For years, I've received their catalogues and now I'm finally going to see their products in person. It's gonna be a great day!!!

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