Thursday, 6 October 2011


My pile of unread books is slowly starting to grow and now I'm thinking "Am I even going to have time to read these?" Over the last couple months I have started I think three or four books and maybe read 50 pages in and then not finish. I guess none of them have captured my interest until now. I am currently reading The Seamstress by Frances de Pontes Peebles. It's a 656 page book (I'm on page 150) and I'm really enjoying it. I love how it's based on a different time and a different place and feels...

(quick interruption: deon has made his way onto my lap and is saying "i want ba on kul dot com ( I just love his baby talk and I know I must savor this time because everyday his speech becomes clearer and clearer and pretty soon I won't be hearing his "language". This reminds me that I must pick up a videotape for my old but reliable camcorder.) such an escape from the real world -which I do need once in a while in my usually chaotic life.

In other news, this book is amazing!!!

I picked it up at the book signing event held at the Anthropologie store last saturday. So glad I was able to meet the author, Grace Bonney, and have a signed copy of this amazing book. After reading the Introduction and sifting through the book, I am totally inspired. Being the super shy person I am, I didn't ask to have my picture taken with her which would have been a nice keepsake of the event. Oh well, next time...

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