Thursday, 20 October 2011

a little project

Just sharing a little project I did the other day. I had this decal that I picked up at the dollar store sometime last year. When I got it, it had lost it's stickiness-I suppose that's why it was only $2. I thought it would be such a waste to throw out cause I really like the print on it. So I decided to cut out the pattern and finally use it. I've been meaning to put some sort of art work above my stove because it just looks so bare.

I traced the pattern onto some contact paper, cut it out, stuck it to the wall and then voila! Instant art!

I was originally thinking of tracing and then painting the pattern on the wall but I'm actually quite pleased with results of the contact paper. If I get bored of it, all I gotta do is peel it off!

One project done, a million more to go...

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