Thursday, 2 August 2012


Well, well, well, summer is halfway over. It's been a fairly busy one so far. It was nice having the last couple of weeks off from work. We've been having some lovely sunny days off and on throughout the last couple of weeks. It's kind of sad knowing that it will be coming to an end soon. I love the fall but I dread the winter. I like waking up to a bright blue sky instead the never ending gray, rainy days. Sometimes I wish I lived in a climate such as in California but then again I wonder if I would get bored of daily sunshine. I do find myself becoming irritable when we have a long stretch of hot, dry weather and actually wish for a cloudy, cool day.  But for right now, I am not missing the rain. I like stepping outside and not need to worry about putting something to keep warm, when outdoors feels like indoors.

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