Thursday, 29 March 2012


I am tired. Just got off working the night shift. It was a pretty decent shift,  meaning I didn't have to break out in a sweat trying to get my patients settled for bed. They were all good and slept quietly through the night. I wish all shifts were like that. This is the second week it's been good. Hope it stays that way but...I doubt it. Oh well, I'm off for 5 days (YES!). Hopefully, I will get much accomplished, meaning, more than just washing the dishes and doing the laundry. Even though 5 days off seems like a lot, it goes by pretty quickly. By the fifth day (ugh, monday!) I look back and think what have I actually completed? Nothing really, except of course, the dishes and laundry (just barely, meaning the pile starts growing again by monday afternoon). This week I have decided to plan my days off as follows:

Today: get some sleep FIRST, then once I have recharged my battery,  I want to line my kitchen cabinets with contact paper.

Friday (tomorrow): Do the laundry FIRST, then paint the laundry room. I have been planning to do this for months now. Hopefully it will get done tomorrow - or at least get started.

Saturday: READ Catching Fire. I'm 2 chapters in. I hope to at least get halfway through the book this weekend. Sand the bathroom cabinets and prep them to be painted. Another task that has been on my "to do " list for months.

Sunday: I hope the weather is good so that I can go outside and clean up the yard and work on the garden. I LOVE flowers! I can't wait to start planting . If weather does not permit, do some finishing touches in the laundry room ie. make new curtains.

Monday: REST? I hope so and mentally prepare myself for a busy and stressful work day at the hospital.

I really hope I can actually follow this plan and feel like I have been somewhat productive.

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