Saturday, 31 March 2012

true confession:I AM A DRAMA ADDICT


 Currently watching this show on TFC and I am totally loving it!  I don't speak tagalog, but I can pick up some words and phrases along with the characters' body language and then I am able to understand what's going on in the show. And this storyline is AWESOME!!! Yes, I am a drama addict.
 Now I am also looking for a new korean drama to watch. The last one I completed was History of A Salaryman and that was the best!!!

 A serious plot with comedy mixed in, oh my gosh, that was a good one!!! I don't know if there is another one out there that can top that one but if you know me, I will keep searching...

I suppose anyone reading this is thinking, "why is she wasting time watching these shows when she complains there are so many other things she needs to do?" My answer is "Yes, I am crazy!"

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