Thursday, 6 December 2012

When I grow up, i want to be...

...just like Martha Stewart. Well, not exactly, but to live in loveliness as portrayed in the Martha Stewart Living magazine would just simply be wonderful.  Yes, I know she has a whole team behind her thinking up all these pretty projects and lovely products. My dream job would be to actually be on that team and work on anything that had to do with the magazine.

And speaking of her stuff, I bought these binders along with various sheet protectors at Staples. I have been meaning to organize all the kids' school records (ie. report cards, school photos, awards etc.) and thought these would be pretty and perfect. I may change them out and get the red ones when and if they go on sale (I can't see myself spending 10 bucks on a single binder!)- the reason being,  I think Darius may feel his binder to be too feminine what with the floral pattern. But in the meantime , I am happy with these and am feeling better that things are in order. Thank you Martha!

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