Sunday, 2 September 2012


I was just browsing through the Marc Jacobs site and I discovered that I have one of his dresses!!! Last monday, I went to the Value Village for their 50% off sale. I picked up this unlabeled dress . It was priced at $12.99 plus half off making it only $6.50 plus tax. It was in new condition and I really liked the print. It's a simple design and very comfortable to wear (yes, I already wore it the other day). On the Marc Jacobs site, I was just checking the dresses and I spotted this one. Hmmm, this print looks familiar. Took a closer look and by golly yes, it was the same print. Googled Night Bird dress and there was my dress!!! I like brand names and designer wear however with my current "budget" those are unaffordable (or you can just call me cheap). I hate paying full price on anything unless I absolutely love it.
Wow, I just save a bunch of money without even knowing it!

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