Friday, 29 July 2011

The concert

Whoa!!! I didn't realize it's been that long since I last posted! Not that much has really happened but then again I could have documented a few random moments that I may have wanted to remember but now I have forgotten! Oh well, I'll try and recall what I can.
This is birthday week for the girls. Nicole turned 15 on thursday and Jazzy turned 8 yesterday. For Nicole, I took her to her very first ever concert to see Katy Perry. I bought the concert tickets a few months ago and the day finally arrived to go. Nicole was counting down the days til July 19. On that day, we headed downtown via skytrain and our first stop was my favorite store , Dressew! Gosh, I really love it there. My head gets full of ideas when I enter that place. However, I know I have no time to really start something new because I have so many unfinished projects at home. I try to keep my budget within 10 bucks when I go there because I really have to stop adding more stuff to what I already have. Walked away with a whole bunch of embroidery floss (friendship bracelets!) and some beads to make some sort of jewelry. I was happy with my purchases.

Then we got hungry! It was around 4:30pm and the concert wasn't to start til 7:30pm so we had plenty of time to grab a bite to eat. But where??? Walking through downtown, we couldn't figure out what we wanted. So we kept walking and walking and walking, it seemed like forever. We eventually landed in Yaletown and settled for Earl's. It was such a lovely evening, the weather was perfect, and I mean really PERFECT! We took a table on the patio, which was a great choice. Why eat inside, it was was so dark in there, almost cavelike. We ordered. I had a chicken quesedilla and Ling ( Nicole's nickname) had a caesar salad. Ling looks older than she really is and it was funny when the waitress was explaining the drink (alcoholic) specials. She had no clue that Ling was under age. Anyways, we both just had water. By 6:30pm we left the restaurant and headed for Rogers Arena. The lineup was already forming. It didn't take long to finally enter the building. At the gate, the security checked our bags. I had been carrying a zoom lens and was told that I wasn't allowed to use it in the building. Say what??? I was thinking to myself WHY NOT??? I'm not the confrontational type so i didn't cause a scene. They had security escort me towards the check-in area to leave my lens there and then pick up after the show. But halfway there the security dude said to just keep it in my bag otherwise it will get confiscated. So the paranoid in me didn't pull it out for fear of losing it however towards the end of the concert I did pull it out discreetly and used it to take a few shots. I was so nervous but no one noticed. Thank god!!! Anyways the concert was great. Katy is such a great entertainer. Although her lyrics/messages are questionable, her music is quite catchy that you can't help but sing along.Loved the whole theme of the concert, the design, the costumes were awesome.One of my favorites she performed was Firework. They even had fireworks! Our seats were not bad but it would have been nice to be a little closer. But our binoculars worked great! I'm so glad Ling had such a great time.She took a ton of pictures and she truly enjoyed herself. Hope to have many more events like these to go to together and next time I'll take Jazzy along with us.

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