Saturday, 18 June 2011


   Yes, I am finally back!!! Not that anyone was really paying attention anyways,hahaha!
I've been forgetting that I even have this blog so that is why there hasn't been any action going on.
But speaking of action, my favorite city has been attacked by some dumb people!I don't even want to post a photo of what the city went through the other day. It's totally disappointing. However, there was a bright side and that was how the city came together to help clean up the mess left behinds by those idiots.Thinking about heading downtown sometime to check out the damage.

   Anyway, back to business! I have been fighting clutter for as long as I know and have really been struggling to get things in order. Being the pack rat, hoarder, "collector" of stuff plus four kids running around this place, it has truly been a challenge. Working part-time, I don't know where all my days off go. I don't seem to feel that I have accomplished anything because the time just flies past me and before I know it, monday night is already here (I work tuesdays and wednesdays). I've tried making to do lists but I don't even refer back to them. I've tried to "mentally" schedule chores for the week and that sure doesn't work (remember my mentioning that my memory is not exactly the best at recalling stuff). So I thought I should make things easier and just try and get at least 1-2 things accomplished per day during the week. For example, thursday is sleep day. I managed to get at least 3 hours of sleep in the morning thanks to hubby watching mr. terrible 2. It was just enough rest to recover from the night shift but not waste my first day off. Not enough sleep equals on cranky lady! I also did a bit of gardening. Planted some pretty flowers in the front yards, flowers that had been waiting at least a week to settle in their new home. And I assembled Ling's bed frame. Hurray, hurray!!! That's 3 things!!! Yes! Okay, so now onto friday. Well, I woke up at like 430 or 5 because someone wanted his "milky". I could go back to sleep again so I got up and started removing all our dvds and putting them in this binder type organizer which holds about 320 discs. No, I don't exactly have that many movies but I found the organizer at best buy for only $19.99 and it was the last one in the store so I picked it up. Why did I decide to do this? Because I wanted to free up some space and I am tired of seeing all these empty kids dvds all over the place. It was driving me crazy! I took out all the movie labels out and tried to keep them alphabetical as much as possible and put them under a pile of books to flatten them out. I managed to get most of them done before the kiddies woke up for school. I collected all the empty covers and some other items to donate and headed over to value village to drop them off. And of course, I browsed through the shop but Fortunately, didn't pick up anything. So that was 2 things for friday! Yes!
Well today is saturday and I am planning on (1) transferring photos from my memory card onto my portable hard drive and (2) tackling the heaps of laundry that is sitting in my hallway waiting to be cleaned (not looking forward to this one but it NEEDS to be done!)and hopefully i can get in (3) planting the rest of the flowers, which I bought yesterday, into the garden.

Kid notes:
Yesterday: Dare and Jazz went on a field trip using the public bus (cause the actually school bus costs something like $800 to use-ridiculous) to the wave pool. They had tons of fun with the waterslides. Ling's last day of school-finals next week. Oh my gosh, I can't believe she's finishing Gr. 9!!! Deon, aka Mr. Terrible is awesomely living up to the terrible 2 reputation. He is now crying and laying down on the floors of public places and attracting wonderful attention to himself. He is also forming sentences and making conversation. Love it! My baby is growing up. I need to videotape his talking because it's so cute.

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