Monday, 5 November 2012


Last weekend, there was a meet and greet for teen star, Ariana Grande at the Westin Grand in downtown Vancouver. It was scheduled for 1-4pm. Of course, Aliyah and Jasmine wanted to go and see her.  We decided to head out a bit earlier just in case there would be a long line up. So we left home at around 930am, met up with Aliyah's friend and then headed to the skytrain . We arrived but weren't sure where exactly the hotel was. We proceeded on to Robson street but were headed in the wrong direction (ok probably my fault). We turned around, went to the visitor booth and asked for directions. Oh gosh, did I feel like a tourist in the city I was born in. Anyways, whatever. We were back on track so to speak. By the time we got to the hotel , we saw what we didn't expect - a long line up. Seriously? I knew she was popular but I didn't think she was that popular. So we are here now, we might as well wait. The line was long but I thought we would be through at least by the 4pm. Nope, not even close! Of course I was bored so I took a walk around the block. Checked out HomeSense, and found and bought this book (one of the books I had posted about borrowing at the library). Then headed over to the Vancouver Public Library where they were having the final day of their book sale. I picked up Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson for 50cents. There were more but I have a lot of unread books at home and I didn't want to carry additional baggage. By 4pm, I went back to the lineup. They barely moved up. So there they were waiting... and waiting ...and waiting. I stood outside the line with some other moms, discussing the ridiculously long wait and the sacrifice we were making for our kids. At least I wasn't alone in this ordeal. Finally made it into the hotel at 7 but had to wait yet again for maybe another half an hour before getting to the front of the line and finally meeting her. So here they are, what they were waiting for ALL DAY LONG........

In the end, the girls were happy and I suppose that's what really matters. But boy, was I tired and aching the following day. Just thinking, which celebrity would I wait hours to see?

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